Jonny Beadle

I cant recommend it strongly enough! I was very nervous about going to the dentist but after a 1 to 1 consultation with Andy and he put my mind at rest. If you are anxious about going to the dentist this is the right place for you.

Hannah Booth

Lovely people.

You can’t fault any of the team here as they are all caring. respectful and polite. i was very nervous going but once I got there I was made to feel at ease and welcome. They not only care about you as a patient but how you are in general ,lovely team of people.

Gemma Brown

We have been using this dentist for a few years now and they are great, we’ve had treatment through them and they have always explained well and the results of the treatments have been good. Our 2 sons are registered too, one of who has autism and they bend over backwards for us for him to be settled, all the staff who work here go out of their way for you and i couldn’t recommend a better place.


Patricia is a spritely 60-year-old, who jogs, goes to the gym, is full of life and eager to smile at every opportunity. But for more than 20 years, the lollipop lady hardly ever smiled and could not even face looking into the mirror.

An All on 4 implant patient, she confesses her new zest for life is inextricable linked to the new look she received at the Darlington Implant Clinic.

She came looking for help and went away with not only a new smile, but also a whole new life. In her own words, this is her transformation story:

“All On 4 choice gave me the confidence to smile at life. I had problems with my teeth since I was a young girl and a bad experience at a dentists as a child did not help. I was just eight years old and the whole thing was just terrible.
The people I’ve met here (Darlington Implant Clinic) were nothing like that. They couldn’t do enough for me and were so kind and friendly. From the first day of entering Darlington Implant Clinic I was made to feel like a princess by Denise the Business Manager, and the reception staff were very welcoming.

My teeth were really awful. I had work done and ended up with three different colours of teeth – the crowns, my own teeth and the denture I had to wear. I even paid £700 for some new dentures, but they were hopeless and I was unable to wear them. I got to the point where I wouldn’t go out and eating was awful. I was always getting food trapped under the denture. When I spoke I always had my hand in front of my mouth this went on for years. I was ashamed at the way I looked and would not even look in a mirror. Now they can’t keep me away from it. I saw an advert about what they (Darlington Implant Clinic) could do for me and I thought ‘that’s for me. It’s just what I want.

Everyone seems to have noticed my new look. I have proper lips again and cheeks. I looked quite haggard before.
I was in the bakery the other day and the woman there passed comment on how nice my teeth looked. My old mum can’t believe the way I am now – I’m always smiling – she tells me: ‘Put them (teeth) away, or you’ll break them.‘ I run every day, go to gym, do boxing to keep fit and also do a bit of weight lifting. I can eat whatever I want without any
worries. Everything is different because of my new teeth.

Dr Andrew Sharp has changed my life by giving me confidence and making me smile again. This has been made possible by having these gorgeous implants placed. Looking back, my teeth were probably the reason I never married. Who knows what will happen now? I would just like to say thank you so much for changing my life. The implants are gorgeous, it was the best decision I ever made in my life!”