All-On-4 (Tooth in a day)

A new smile in a day with All on 4 treatment

We live in a world that is increasingly image conscious where having a dazzling smile is hugely important. But the ‘look good, feel good’ dream for many is never realised as those aspirations appear impossibly out of reach. At the Darlington Implant Clinic we have been privileged to turn some of those seemingly illusive imaginings into reality with an allon4implantology system called All on 4.
It is one of the most advanced restorative dental options available and enables a full upper or lower arch of teeth to be replaced with just four implants in one day.
It can transform smiles, restore chewing function, boost confidence and it’s all possible in a single day. In the past up to eight implants could have been used to support a single arch.
The new procedure provides a cost-effective, minimally invasive way of permanently fixing replacement teeth because of the strategic placement of the implants they can provide maximum stability without the need for a large number of fixing points.
The system provides an excellent alternative for people who wear upper, or lower, full dentures.

How is All on 4 different?

All on 4 implants are similar to their normal implant counterparts, but it is how the implants are positioned which makes them unique.
The two implants at the front of the mouth are positioned at the normal angle of 90 degrees, while the two at the back of the mouth are fixed at a 45-degree angle.
Simply, it means more bone is utilised in the stabilisation and support of the implants, allowing for multiple teeth to be fixed on them without the lengthy healing process required when fitting other implants.