About Us


 We are a modern, family-friendly dental practice and we provide comprehensive dental practice in a holistic approach.

At Darlington Dental Clinic we are team players, using each other’s clinical strengths in attempting to exceed the expectations of our patients.

We have the latest scanning equipment and state of the art surgeries. We also enjoy a tried and tested relationship with one of the most respected dental laboratories in the UK. Their clever craftsmanship is simply the best that we have seen.


Dental care is changing. It’s potential to impact on lives both clinically and socially is remarkable and we want the people who come to us to experience some of its creative power.At Darlington Dental Clinic our mission is to ensure every visitor enjoys the ultimate in patient-focused care.
We offer a wide range of treatments, including cosmetic work, in a comfortable, modern and relaxing environment. What’s more, we believe dental care is not just about the clinical excellence, it’s about adopting an holistic approach to treatment and for the time you share with us, helping to change your preconceptions of dentistry for ever.
We’re family friendly, particularly enjoy looking after children and seniors – and would be privileged to help you keep a dazzling smile. If you are after a dentist in the Darlington and Durham area, look no further than us.


We make sure to employ state of the art equipment. We are constantly on to lookout for advancements in equipment and techniques to ensure we can always provide you with the most suitable and appropriate treatment.




Utmost care is taken to ensure that in dealing with all of our patients, we follow the latest standards and protocols to provide them with only the very best treatment.


We have a dedicated team to ensure that we care for our patients to the highest standard possible.