Our Services

Below is an overview of the various services that we offer our clients


Dentures are worn to replace lost or missing teeth, occasionally they can also be fitted over the top of damaged teeth to disguise/hide them.


To help those people who are anxious or nervous, we offer tried and tested conscious sedation techniques to support them through their treatment.

Dental Trauma

We cater for teeth accident related issues that would not be handled by your local Accident & Emergency hospital department.

Facial Aesthetics

For those seeking facial aesthetic treatment we offer Botox and dermal filler treatments.

Dental Implants

Dental implantology is the best way available of tooth recovery as a preferred option to traditional dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You can smarten up your smile in less than an hour with our expert teeth whitening service.

Gum Treatment

We are able to offer gum health screening to enable early detection of gum disease and provide the very best treatment plan.

Root Fillings

Root Fillings are part of the restorative process enabling teeth which otherwise would need extraction to be saved.


Gemma Brown

We have been using this dentist for a few years now and they are great, we've had treatment through them and they have always explained well and the results of the treatments have been good. Our 2 sons are registered too, one of who has autism and they bend over backwards for us for him to be settled, all the staff who work here go out of their way for you and i couldn't recommend a better place.

Hannah Booth

Lovely people.

You can't fault any of the team here as they are all caring. respectful and polite. i was very nervous going but once I got there I was made to feel at ease and welcome. They not only care about you as a patient but how you are in general ,lovely team of people.

Jonny Beadle

I cant recommend it strongly enough! I was very nervous about going to the dentist but after a 1 to 1 consultation with Andy and he put my mind at rest. If you are anxious about going to the dentist this is the right place for you.